just quit your job

by sabertooth

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Damon B and Martin S were in a band together for many years, touring the country and having a good time for the most part. Things with this group fizzled out but as the two sunk back into unfamiliar midwestern life-rigamaroll, it was decided they would continue making music together.

Beginning slowly and with a limp in the basement of the Swank Ranch in the late half of 2009, terrible recordings were forming (songs). Lacking go-get-em social skills, Nomad and Nitram neglected to recruit any other players - with the exception of a fantasy to work with good friend Jordan Taylor who got a job promotion and stayed in Chicago {dickmove} - but realized eventually that they could play anything else needed for recording purposes.

Many ideas were tossed and tickled for a great long time and as the pile grew, so did a desire to capture the songs so they could be shared with friends.

Initial plan was to record themselves in the basements of their homes with a large group of friends contributing, but as the spring of 2010 went on, it became obvious that scheduling would be a prime obstacle.

Nitram found himself with the opportunity to travel around the country for the late half of the summer - an opportunity not to be passed up - so it was quickly decided to pick a few songs and record them with good fellow Spencer Hoad before the great departure.
Following this decision, the two quickly wrote "shit sandwich" and "who leads this ride?" with percussive helping from Reid Smith during the writing process. "bike reel" had already been crafted with the percussive help of Carlos Lima, and a long arduous bike ride on a hot afternoon. and "thelod" had been recorded, revised several times over already in Nitrams basement and brought to Nomad for extra "sauce." Also prepared was the drone song and probably others which, due to time restraints with leaving town/ studio moving, were never officially recorded at Marvelty Sounds.

Recording began in the last days of June 2010 and wrapped on July 6th. Recorded drumming on "bike reel" and "shits and witch" were provided by great friend Jared Bond of Root and Stem. Also appearing on "bike reel" is the bass picking and shaker shakings of good friend Dave Gentry of HOLY mountain.


released July 10, 2010

recorded at Marvelty Sounds
engineered by Spencer Hoad

bandcamp site photos by YoYuh.com



all rights reserved


sabertooth Kansas City, Missouri

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